Tony Cutrone is the lead guitarist, keyboardist and main songwriter for internationally known Canadian pop group, Sonic.  They achieved international success performing at Molson Canadian Ampitheatre for World Youth Day and then followed it up with a major performance at Teatro Ariston in San Remo, Italy as part of Italy’s major music festival.  They were the only Canadian band invited in the past twenty years

Sonic-Sister Boombox-front

Sonic featured Tony Cutrone (guitars/keyboards/backing vocals), Nina Zzo (Lead vocals), Mark Gabriel (bass guitar), and Ryan Cone (Drums)

Grounded” was the main single off of Sister Boombox, the second disc from Canadian pop rock group, Sonic

Tony Cutrone and Nina Zzo rock it out in the Teatro Ariston in San Remo, Italy to promote their "Sister Boombox" CD

Nina Zzo and Tony Cutrone rock it out as part of Sonic in the Teatro Ariston in San Remo, Italy to promote their Sister Boombox CD

Sonic-Sister Boombox-Exclaim-Review

Exclaim! magazine review of the debut disc, “Sister Boombox” from Canadian rock band, Sonic

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After recording Sister Boombox, Sonic regrouped as a trio with Flavio Monopoli on drums and production duties.  With Flav, Sonic recorded Welcome To Evolution.  To listen to Welcome To Evolution, click the following link: Welcome To Evolution by Sonic

Sonic re-recorded songs with Los Angeles-based Producer, Flavio Monopoli on an electronic-style EP released in 2011.  To listen to some of these re-mixes and reproductions, click here: Sonic EP1 (2011)